Saturday, January 08, 2011

Hammer City End of 2010 party

Cut off (706), Death Row Dames

Waiting between cheques would be an understatement today. I haven't worked in the last month. Partially due to December being a slow month and partially due to a guy booking me three times to cancel at the last minute three times. Aggravating. Not only did I not work on the three days booked for those particular jobs but I also turned down work, photo work on those same days. Note to self: ask for a non-refundable deposit up front when dealing with this person.

I managed to scrape together enough money from the magical change filled piggy bank to afford a GO bus ticket to get to Hamilton. The girls of Hammer City would reimburse me when I arrived. That was nice.

The rest of the money I had from the pig I spent on making prints of the skaters retiring this year. There's four of them. I managed to have just enough to cover the four prints. (The pig works it's magic once again).

Jett Girl (15), Hamilton Harlots

Mean Little Mama (0), Death Row Dames

Perky Set (¶), Hamilton Harlots

The Alumni

It's times like this where I kind of wished I had all the skaters photos indexed to pick them out at a moments notice. I have a vague idea of where some of them are but I rely on this blog to remind me when I've taken those photos. Perhaps this is where I'll change things around a bit this year now that I have the photo store and all.

Candy asks, "Are you supposed to look like 'Devo' or are you supposed to look 'retarded'?"

The party was a lot of fun. This is the norm when attending a party with Hammer City. As like all of their past parties it's always a sad affair when you have to leave before it's over. Adam and I had to catch the last bus to Toronto.


Carl bringing back early 80s break dance fashion

"Less food, more explosions!"

Ivy Rupted singing Journey's "Don't Stop Believin".

Leaving early to catch the last bus.

We bumped into Candy at the bus stop. She had left quite a bit earlier but missed a bus, then forgot her mittens in some public bathroom. Things weren't going very well for her and she was a bit sloshed from the party. She had a determination to walk home but Adam and I insisted on getting her home by transit. We stuffed a token into her hand and made sure she got on and off the TTC subway.

Candy stumbles onto the train tracks

Candy clamps onto a transfer

Candy leaves the train safe. Adam waves 'bye'.

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