Tuesday, January 04, 2011

the purge continues...

Today was a long day. I only had an hour worth of sleep. After waking up from the "power nap" I decided I'd stay awake for the rest of the day to get my sleep schedule back to normal. Waking up at 9-10am then falling asleep somewhere around midnight-2am? This sounded like a good idea at the time but as the day dragged on being awake became more of a challenge.

Two boxes down only eight to go.

In the afternoon I helped Robin move the first instalment of my laserdisc collection to her house. She had a wagon and we could only wheel two boxes of the ten in one go. Her apartment has three flights of stairs. Lugging up the boxes proved incredibly taxing. By the time I brought one of the boxes up I was wheezing like a heavy smoker. I'll really have to look into exercising more. It was truly a sad display of human under achievement to say the least.

After the move I found that just walking around was a lot of effort. I had to concentrate to make sure I wasn't wobbling. It was the lack of sleep kicking in, my eye lids were getting heavy. We ate lunch at xelua, then went to the Dufferin mall. Robin wanted to look for Christmas stuff on sale at the dollar store. On her list were miniature houses and knick knacks to make a mini Christmas town setting for her train set.

By this point I could have fallen asleep standing up. I almost did. I was leaning next to a column while waiting for Robin to scope out a sock store. I closed my eyes for a second and caught myself falling over.

The cold walk home didn't help either. I didn't notice my jacket wasn't done up until about 10 minutes into walking home. I managed to stay awake until 11pm doing data backups then turned off the phone and fell asleep.

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