Monday, February 06, 2006

Film: that other stuff for taking pictures

An old plastic fuji film container (left) next to a brand new package of film (right).

Buying some black and white film I noticed that the film now comes in potato chip bag type packaging. Has anyone else noticed this? As I've never bought Ilford film before let alone black and white film. Have they always delived film like this?

"What's with using film anyway?", you ask. Well it seems my realist camera had some film in it. I found this out a few days ago while doing the whole apartment cleaning thing. The film was from last may, I think, and wasn't all used up. I decided to shoot some stuff this weekend and thanks to seeing David Trattles' photo gallery I was inspired to go around shooting black and white photos once I went through the old color roll.

The realist is also a square-ish format as it shoots five p (sprocket holes) across the film as opposed to the standard eight. For some reason I like shooting with a square composition from time to time and since I don't own a medium format camera the realist is the next closest thing. Plus there's the whole 3D aspect. I'll post some images once I get the roll developed.

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Anonymous said...

Yay, film! I roll my own, so it comes in a big metal tin.