Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Gelato Good, Death Bad

Tiramisu flavoured gelato at the "La Paloma"

Anyone who hasn't tried freshly made gelato really hasn't lived. I've tried store bought stuff before and thought "What's the big deal?". Going to a real gelato parlour is something else. With the tragic event of Zee's father dying Michelle and I were on our way to his viewing when we noticed we were going to be early. Really early.

We decided to get off the street car a few stops before the funeral home and walk. That's how we found "La Paloma", a gelato place up on St. Clair just a bit east of Lansdowne.

A sign that seemed appropriate for the day's events.

Just before walking into the funeral home and the visitation room we walked by this church with this larger than life sign.

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