Thursday, February 23, 2006

Juicy Stuff

Emmanuel poses with his Shock-in stuffed animal.

Thursday night. Juicy Stuff, the organization that brings you interesting, trendy news via the web, held a party on the second floor of Gabby's. Gabby's is a resturant located west of bathurst on the south side of Queen street. The party hilights included a tarot card reader, amazing fruit baskets, a hand masseuse, a cute bartender, some stuffed animals created by Geoffrey Davis, two very attractive PR women from Flip! and an assortment of very fun, nice interesting people.

I was invited to the party by Emmanuel and found out that I already knew some of the people from meeting them at
Darryl's Hard Liquor and Porn film festival. It turns out I even shot some pictures for an article on their site. What a small world.

All in all the party was great fun. It was a good pick me up as this week had started to take it's toll with the combination of job prospects going away and the whole funeral thing.

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