Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Savvoy

Keith Sweeny at the Savvoy

Tonight I spent about 8 hours shooting at the Savvoy. A real nice resturant on Victoria just south of Dundas. Keith Sweeny, one of my biggest photographic supporters and an up and coming talent (movie, music, producer, you name it) pulled some strings to reserve the second and third floors of this fine establishment just for shooting.

The Savvoy is a great venue. The second floor has a small stage, some chairs, a small room in the back, and a bar running the length of the room. It seems perfect for having a jazz band playing with people milling around socializing. The third floor has a chic couch area, a bar, and an outdoor patio. A perfect place to unwind with a drink and some friends.

Part of the third floor at the Savvoy

The photoshoot was a bit grueling. We had to get through a number of people in different locations and with different lighting set ups. I really need to get another studio flash to help illuminate these large areas. Also a vehicle would be nice to help move all the gear around. I used my wheeled suitcase to carry the camera, lenses, accessories, extension cord, and my studio flash. On my shoulder I had my tripod. On my other shoulder I carried the four light stands, 2 umbrellas and a softbox. It was a bit cumbersome.

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