Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's 11am Let's Eat!!!

Breakfast of Champions!

Considering we didn't get to bed until 7:30 in the morning, getting up at 11am was a bit nutty. But then the magic words of food were spoken and like magic I was out of bed before you could say "scrambled eggs and bacon".

The Plucker in Hamilton

We went to the Plucker, a bar also known in roller derby circles as Trevor's living room and a Hamilton establishment that I've become quite familiar with. It was here that we bumped into Renee and Lisa from the Hamilton Harlots who got the same idea and were eating breakfast.

I ordered a burger and to make it breakfasty poured some pancake syrup on it. It's a ritual that I've had since I went to the IHOP in Fort Wayne. Despite what some readers may think it actually tastes good and for the readers that stick their noses up at the idea, it doesn't matter I'll be eating hamburgers like this with or without your approval.

Melanie and Rebecca look at last night's photos

Renee and Lisa at the Plucker

Around 3:30pm Suzi, Steve, and Eric, the rest of last night's contingent who slept over at Mel's place showed up. We ordered more food. I ordered the new coconut shrimp. Since the last time I had the coconut shrimp they changed the recipe. I wasn't impressed. They had gotten rid of the coconut chunks and used coconut milk instead.

At 5pm I left to catch the GO bus back to Toronto.

Suzi lit by window light.

"Are you awake?"

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