Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Morning Install

Hilary at brunch

A bit bleary eyed from going to sleep late last night I woke up and dragged my butt out of bed to take a TTC subway over to Hilary's place to help reinstall her computer. I walked down the wrong street and couldn't find the place. I phoned her to get my bearings. It turned out she was just getting up and asked if I could pick her up a cup of coffee. Not a lot of coffee shops stick out in my head at Bloor and Christie. I found myself at the local Walnut cake place. Good choice. They had coffee and those tiny walnut shaped donuts (for lack of better description). I bought five of them and headed back to Hilary's place with a cup of the black liquid.

Installing windows, while a bit time consuming, went pretty much without a hitch. It was a good thing I brought my Windows98 CD so I could use FDISK to wipe the existing hard drive. It amazes me that I don't have an XP equivalent. I actually don't own an XP CD. The operating system was installed on my computer and all I have is a system restore CD made specific for my laptop.

While the computer chugged away, Hilary came up with the idea of getting some food. Ya gotta like the way these dames think. So off to Mars we went. I ordered a BLT with a breakfast egg, meat combo of some sort. I inhaled it pretty much. I don't remember what it looked like (aside from the above photo) but I do remember feeling pleasantly full but not to the extent where I felt like I had to waddle back out of the diner.

The tiny tomato juice can

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