Friday, January 25, 2008

Korean BBQ

The inital spread of the "All you can eat" Korean barbecue

For a late lunch early dinner I went to Korean barbecue house located on Yonge just south of Bloor. Dave, not pictured due to just having a hair cut, had gotten the idea to do the all you can eat thing.

A bunch of dishes are placed on the table containing raw meat. Beef, Chicken Pork, liver, squid, and salmon, plus a bowl of rice. You cook the food yourself by placing the food on the cooker. At any time you can order more food. I'm not sure if there's a charge on the food you order that you don't end up eating. If you go to sushi buffets there's usually a fee so you don't waste food. Not that we let anything go to waste.

Cook it yourself.

We stuffed ourselves to the point of requiring to waddle out the door. At least I did. Come to think of it Dave didn't seem to be affected.


theotherbear said...

We love Korean BBQ, but you do go home smelling like meat! The ones here have all the meats etc in a big cold serve-yourself buffet so you can pick whatever you want to cook.

BagelHot said...

Yes I really did stink of BBQ. I think I made the cat's mouth water.