Friday, January 04, 2008

Raptors and Pistons

The Raptors play the Pistons at the Air Canada Centre

Still feeling a bit under the weather, today I was invited out to the Air Canada Centre for Andrew's birthday and to see the Toronto Raptors play the Detroit Pistons. I was a bit concerned as I was still sick I didn't want my germs to spread to the other people there. Andrew told me everyone else was sick as well and not to worry.

As it turned out the only other person that had cold like symptoms was Andrew. Everyone else was fine. As we were located in a little room just above the general seating I managed to keep to myself as much as possible eating hot dogs, salad and chicken wings.

The game was actually pretty interesting to watch. The Raptors had great passing buy the Pistons were better at getting points from shooting at the hoop from far away. The final score was Raptors 85, Pistons 101.

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