Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tailgate Party

The stage with "This side up"

Later on in the evening I met up with James. He had won tickets to a tailgate party sponsored by Budweiser. While I'm not a beer drinker on a regular basis or even semi-regular basis, I do appreciate the beer women that make drinking beer appealing. James suggested I bring my camera as there would most likely be eye candy to shoot. Like anyone would have to tell me to bring a camera.

The theme of the party was actually quite well thought out. At least I thought so. I could imagine some poor slob slaving away trying to work out said theme in some brain room somewhere at the Budweiser head office.

At the entrance we each got a ticket in the form of a plane ticket with a seat number. There were no seats at this event. The ticket number (seat number) was used as a raffle ticket number. Out of whatever number of people showed up, 10 people were picked to go up on stage to compete against each other. The person to come out ahead in first place won tickets and travel to the superbowl. The second place winner won a samsung 42 inch LCD TV.

To add to the whole airplane theme all the gals working the event were dressed as air flight stewardesses, the guys as pilots. There was even a girl at a metal detector archway with one of those wands that beep. I think it was a prop as she tended to pass her wand over the cuter guys going through. I was not checked. I'm thinking it was my innocent looking, non terrorist demeaner (yeah sure).

While mingling around in the crowd comprised of other party types, a live band played on stage. The band, as read on the drum kit, was named "This side up". They were from Montreal, not to be confused with the country band of the same name. Nope this band was a rock and roll cover band. They were great, playing everything from AC/DC to Simple Plan to Guns and Roses to the Ramones.

If that wasn't worth the price of admission the other interesting thing that happened that night was I heard my name being called. I thought someone was calling out for someone else with the same name. When I eventually squinted over into the darkness to look over I was surprised that it was some of the girls I had met in Whitby. They had recognized me. Most likely because of the camera.

It was nice seeing familiar faces in a sea of strangers, especially good looking young women. At this point I'd have to agree with Colin, I do have a charmed life.

The Whiby Girls. Ruth, Vanessa, and Katie.

S├ębastien Brault, lead vocals and guitar

"This Side Up" the band

Flight crew gives out free hats.

"Enjoy your flight"

Vanessa bites my cheek.

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