Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Pumpkin the sneaky cat

Pumpkin sneaks upstairs to lie in my bed.

I had gone downstairs to do laundry while upstairs I was saving photos to CD for delivery. At some point while burning the CD I turned to see Pumpkin (the landlords cat) on my bed. While I generally like cats I am allergic to them. The cat looked pretty comfy and I need to wash the bed sheets anyway, plus I was in a rush to meet up with Linda for lunch. I didn't want to be late. So I left my apartment room door slightly open so the cat could make his way out.

On a different note. While walking through the bayview subway station I noticed these interesting pieces of art work as part of the permanent TTC environment. Images of various objects (ie. Butterflies, salt shakers, this clock) are scattered around the station and only by looking at them from the correct angle to they look right. I thought I'd take a few photos and put them on the blog just because I thought they were neat.

Bayview subway station.

The clock image aligned.

The clock image not aligned.

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