Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday, the day of rest

Fruit Pastilles

Sunday known as the day of rest could also be referred to as the day of procrastination. At approximately 4:30pm the sun hits my apartment window in such a way that there's actually enough light in my room to make me want to be productive (cleaning, learning to program, whatever). It's a small window of opportunity you might say (cheesy pun).

I'd spent most of the day up until 4:30 teaching myself C#. When the sunlight starting pouring in I decided to take a break and start shooting.

I've been meaning to photograph a package of Fruit Pastilles I got from Roger a few months ago. It's a candy from Ireland that I've left unopened so I could document the packaging for later reference. So I took some photos of the package on the nicely lit desk.

As the sun starts going down and my light fades back to the evil tungsten bulbs I'll return to my programming.

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