Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner

Classic Joker lives near my parents

For thanksgiving I really didn't do anything. At least during the day. It consisted mostly of sleep and cleaning. My computer desk and my bedside table were uncluttered and I managed to unload a computer with Windows 98 still on it. Pretty big steps on my part and also pretty exhausting.

My thanksgiving day dinner consisted of going to Popeye's for four pieces of spicy chicken. I know there are people out there that invited me to go do a thanksgiving day dinner with them. First off when saying it's thanksgiving dinner please provide an actual date. Thanksgiving slides around the month and can get confusing if working for a company that recognizes the American counterpart (which is in November).

By the time Thanksgiving in Canada crept up on me it was already the long weekend. But I didn't have dinner alone. Greg had gotten off work and met me to watch me eat. I ended up walking across town to my parents to get some mail. Turned out Greg lives four houses away from my parents.

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Zap Brannigan said...

Tiny bit ironic that you didn't say what date you had your Thanksgiving Popeye dinner. :-)