Sunday, September 04, 2005

Brand Recognition

The noodle brand I've eaten since I was a kid.

Today I got up late. Really late. I think it was around 3pm. I decided I'd eat a bowl of noodles for breakfast/lunch/early dinner. Opening the cabinet I discovered I didn't have any. It wasn't a big surprise as I really haven't bought food in a few weeks. That's one of the nice things about working on movie sets. They feed you. I got dressed and went to Broadview and Gerrard (the local china town) to pick some up.

Since I was small I've always eaten a specific brand of noodles. To this day I still don't really know what company makes them or even what flavor they are. The noodles are flavor free but inside each package of noodles are two other plastic pacakges of stuff. One I think is onions and MSG, the other is a spicy meat like hot sauce. It may not even be meat. The noodle packaging I can identify by the red, white, and blue colors with the design of the bowl with steam coming out. There's another noodle this company makes that has a cow on it. I once bought the cow labeled noodles by accident.

I checked two stores for the particular brand. At the second store I noticed that there were only two boxes left so I bought them both. Each box contains 30 individual packages (as seen above). Had the company upgraded the packaging I might have had to try a new noodle.

Darryl packs the last few things to go to the new apartment.

I left the grocery store and went to Darryl's place to drop off his ass documentary pictures (see previous post). Darryl has been in the process of moving apartments over the last few days. His old apartment pretty much looked like it usually did minus the shelving. Wow there was a lot of stuff. This coming from the guy looking around his apartment at all the stuff and I'm not even moving.

Like a vietnam vet waking up with beads of sweat remembering images of the past, I found myself remembering all the times I've moved and all the friends that helped in the process. Thanks guys. I couldn't have moved all those times without you all.

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