Monday, September 19, 2005

A worm ate my drive


While working on this low budget show I managed to get infected with a virus that likes to attach itself to executables. Running some virus software to get rid of the virus deleted some files. One of which tells windows how to support larger than 128 gig hard drives. Once the file was gone Windows decided it would try to "fix" my fat table because all the files were "screwed" up. This resulted in me losing all my pictures I've taken since May 2005. I would have lost more files but I've been too lazy to delete the older ones from the other computers (thank goodness for that).

Needless to say. This last week I've been dealing with trying to rebuild the drive while trying to work on this low budget project.

Will be back and running soon.

If anyone knows how to reinstate the drive reading under windows 2000 service pack 4, roll up 1, let me know.

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Wade Marshall said...

You need an external hard drive for backup. I'm going to buy one soon.