Friday, January 13, 2006

Egg Sighting

A watched pot... blah blah blah

What a better way to spend a friday the 13th than waking up early and shooting eggs boil. Seeing water frozen in time is always an interesting thing to look at. In this case the pot looks like it was filled with a blob of hair gel.

The reason I was shooting eggs in boiling water was to work in my flash. I wanted to see how it operated under various conditions. What shutter speeds I could use and how fast it took to recharge for the next picture. As far as the subject mattter...I've been thinking about eating an egg salad sandwich for the past few days now.

TIP: Instead of using mayo in your sandwich try using the Lick's Guk.

As I didn't have any mayonnaise in the fridge I used the substance that seemed to resemble it the most (in my fridge) that being GUK. Since I didn't have any Lick's burgers. GUK was tested and came out a winner. Who knew?


theotherbear said...

What is Lick's Guk?

BagelHot said...

"Lick's" is a burger chain in Toronto, maybe even Ontario. They have this burger sauce called "GUK" (yes, that's the actual name). It's like a mayo with spices in it. Really yummy but probably really fattening.