Tuesday, February 12, 2008

London Fashion Week AW 2008 Day Three

I needed a spoon for my Sainsbury pudding.

I wonder if the word "fork" was an intentional pun?

I woke up at 6:00am and started to look at the photos from Andrew's show. They were, as expected, dark and muddy looking. I was a little disappointed in myself for not taking better shots. Too late now. I selected about 7 photos for Hello magazine from the actual catwalk and a few photos from the prep time. Altogether about 38 photos in total.

At the tent, the internet connection in the photographer's lounge was pretty slow. My connection kept timing out. I knew that the photos would have to be delivered earlier on in the day to meet the deadline for this week's edition. I didn't get an internet connection until 8pm London time (translating to 3pm Toronto time). I was emailed back from Hello that the photos were too dark for their taste. Crud. They also wanted more photos of Andrew shot in portrait (vertical) orientation and not landscape. Crud, crud.

Before I got the email rejecting the photos I had already begun to put another idea in motion. One of the photographers, a really really nice human being by the name of Patrick Anderson, a photographer I had met in the photo pit on sunday, suggested that I could and should shoot models outside wearing Andrew's line. It would show off that the models and clothing were actually in London. While I thought it was a great idea the logistics of doing such a shoot was problematic on the day of the catwalk with everyone running around. I had a hard enough time trying to get a shot of Andrew by himself let alone go outside with a few models.

Now that the catwalk photos were done (in more ways than one), the outside option looked pretty good. I followed up with Patrick today. He agreed to help out in exchange for getting some photos for himself and maybe an outfit for the model. Andrew was also keen on getting some good pictures. The idea seemed to go over well with Hello as well. So yay. We've planned to go out on the weekend or early next week.

Suzanne Plunkett

The reflector used for setting your camera to the proper white balance

Betty Jackson

Designer Betty Jackson

Krystof Strozyna

Meadham Kirchhoff


Aquascutum was shown in the Science museum. By the time I had arrived from the Fashion tent the photo pit was full. I managed to get a small place in the back near the side but for the most part shooting this venue was not that great.


I wondered if the Aslanturk was a typo and maybe originally it should have read Asianturk. Atter all the 'I' could be easily read an an 'L' depending on the font used. Not that asianturk means anything more to me. Mayeb the clothing is inspired by asian and turkish cultures?

After the Aslanturk catwalk Andrew, Josie and I went to eat at a Mexican Polish restaurant. That's a bizzare combination. The food, much like a lot of the food we've been eating here, was amazing. I ordered the pulled pork. The meat just fell off the bone and melted in your mouth. Incredible!

Public washrooms on the street.

The Mexican Polish restaurant.


Pulled pork. Incredibly melt in your mouth, fall off the bone type food.

The bus we were in getting a tow.

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