Friday, February 01, 2008

The Trek to Whitby

Our snow covered street.

It was a snow day today. At least that's what I heard on the radio, from friends, the Juicystuff editor, even on the Wii five day forecast. It was going to snow. The words didn't really sink in. I had spent most of the day emailing people about purchasing photos from London Fashion Week, trying to find buyers, publishing contacts, and filling out forms for the British Fashion Council so I could attend fashion week and didn't really have the time to stick my head out the window.

It wasn't until I stepped out the door to go to Whitby that I noticed the abundance of snow at my feet. There were some snow drifts that were just above my ankle and it was still snowing. Was there even snow the night before? Maybe there was, I just don't remember.

More of the same.

I had been promising Vanessa all week that I would drop by and give her some photos I shot of her and her girl friends on Saturday night. But each night something came up. It was easy to just email her that I wouldn't be going out tonight due to the snow, the lazy part of me just wanted to go back in the house and go to sleep. I thought about it and decided to trudge on. If I wasn't going to go tonight when would I have a chance? This coming week would be nutty with all the last minute London planning. Next Saturday I'd be on a plane. I wouldn't be able to go to Whitby until after the 20th when I got back. Today was the "good" day to go.

The GO train

If lighting my own fire under my butt wasn't enough to persude me to go, James had called saying that he wasn't doing anything and wanted to tag along. He, after all, also knew the girls and had bumped into them that same saturday night. So we both met at Main station walked over to the GO train and bought two two way tickets to Whitby.

We trudged through the Whitby snow for about half an hour walking north up to Dundas. Once there we realized that we would have to walk east for another half an hour or an hour based on the address numbers. During the summer it would have been different but the snow slowed us down quite a bit. At one point we were walking on the road against traffic just because no one had shovelled their walk way for blocks. We grabbed a cab. Ten minutes later we were in the cozy warmth of the local restaurant.

Vanessa and the girls peruse photos

James waits for his sandwich.

The girls in their black uniforms.

Contemplating whether I should be in a photo with Vanessa or not... too late.

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