Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Lunch with Laer

Laer, on a rare outing outside the apartment.

My friend Laer is a typical male Cancer (horoscope wise). What that means, according to some books, is he's a homebody, enjoys staying at home and usually takes a lot of effort for other people to get him to go out. When the crab actually gets outside to see the sun it's a time to rejoice as it's usually such a rare occasion.

I was happy to hear that Laer wanted to join me for lunch. We ended up going to a burger place located downstairs from where he lives. So okay it's not travelling far but at least he's getting outside the apartment. The burger combo was a pretty good choice and value for the money.

After lunch we did a quick visit to the Silver Snail, a comic book and toy store that's been around since I used to take recorder lessons when I was a kid. I remember it being a closet on Queen street. It's moved locations twice since then but still remains in roughly the same area.

Laer and Gabe at the Silver Snail.

We bumped into Gabe, an A.D. I haven't seen since the days of Earth Final Conflict. He too was perusing the merchandise. Comics have gone up quite a bit since I last collected them. The last cover price I remember was $1.25. Now there's some that are $8.00. How do kids entertain themselves these days?

The AGO undergoing construction.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I'll have you know that just 2 days ago I went as far as the end of my street. I would have gone further, but I was frightened back by a man with a beard.

(Actually, I recently went all the way to Scarbourough for Rainy's party... Didn't see YOU there, smartass....)