Wednesday, February 06, 2008

More Snow

Pumpkin surveys outside

Another day of snow, another day of the cat looking outside first before stepping into the cold wetness that is our winter. It seems my main task these days is shovelling snow off of our walkway only for mother nature replace it all over a few hours.

I must be lifting the snow wrong as my back starts to hurt within 20 minutes. More research required here. Maybe if I bend from the knees more? Smaller amounts of snow lifted at once? Better shovel? An image of a shovel being pulled by huskies comes to mind. An image of a robot shovelling snow comes to mind. An image of bribing some kid to shovel the snow for 25 cents comes to mind. I don't think kids are that cheap anymore. Probably have to bribe them with 5 or 10 dollars these days. Heck, I wouldn't shovel snow for a stranger for 10 dollars.

I noticed the neighbour pouring blue crap onto the snow as a substitute for salt. Looks like antifreeze. Way to go. Thanks for putting that into my water table. I wonder if it's poisonous to cats and other animals? Not that using salt is any better. It corrodes metal, wreaks havoc on your shoes.

I decided to do a bit of web research to see how much harm salt does do and if there were any other more environmentally friendly ways to get rid of snow. I found this interesting article.

Andrew from across the street says "Hello" while I shovel the walk.

Another day of snow.

Andrew shovelling his walk.

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