Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The ice cream truck

The ice cream truck seen from a small child's POV

One of the perks of living in the "new" neighbourhood is that there's an ice cream truck that stops almost right outside the front door. This whole weekend has been really hot, considering last week night have gotten as cool as 2 degrees (C).

Put yourself in a room that gets baked by the sun, add heat given off by five computers, and tiny windows. You've been sitting in that room for 20 plus hour intervals. Hacking away, baking away. The ice cream truck looks pretty good now doesn't it?

I bought a banana split, three blobs of ice cream, one drenched in chocolate syrup, the next in strawberry syrup and the third in pineapple goo. And just when things couldn't get any better... it started to rain.

We've been getting reports of incoming tornadoes, even hail, none of which Toronto saw (that I know of). What we did get was a bunch of rain. It came down in buckets. Only the rain only lasted for about two minutes. The end result was more humidity ands not not much a cooling down effect.

Around 1am we received lighting and thunder and about 2 hours of rain. During about half this time I attempted to photograph the sky, hoping a bolt of lighting would pass through the lens. As soon as I put my eye to the lens a bolt passed through from one corner of the frame to the other. It was perfect. Unfortunately I had not pressed the shutter button. Boo. I stood in the kitchen looking out at the sky for the next 40 minutes, until the lighting started to die away, taking photos at 30 seconds intervals. Below is the best picture I managed to get within that time frame.

Lightning... oooh... aahhh...


Anonymous said...

Nice lightning pic! How'd you get the sky to look purple???

BagelHot said...

The clouded sky turns purple on long exposures. I used a 10 second exposure for this photo.