Saturday, June 28, 2008

School Yard Scramble

Reffrey Dollmer does lunges

This week in Hamilton the HCRG put on their first themed roller derby, the School Yard Scramble. Sporting short shorts, knee or thigh high socks, pony tails, short skirts, and handle bar moustaches... wha?

Out of the three teams, The Hamilton Harlots, the Steel Town Tanks girls and the Deathrow Dames, two teams were created using random picking. The two resulting teams being the Hopscotch hooligans (white) and the Teeter Slaughters (black).

The first period seemed like a normal game devoid of big hits. Imants, one of the spectators thought it was because none of the skaters wanted to do any harm to fellow team players. The second and third periods felt more like a harlem globe trotter game missing the Sweet Georgia Brown soundtrack. Despite the fake fights ensuing and the fake hits, Punchy still got a real dislocated shoulder, and Beater Parker a leg injury.

Miss Carriage flies over Tropi-kill Punch

The final score was 84 Hopscotch hooligans to 63 Teeter Slaughters.


Sakura Punk Attack! said...

FYI Imants' name is spelled I-M-A-N-T-S.

BagelHot said...

Thanks Reader... I've fixed the spelling.