Thursday, June 05, 2008

Why so many cat photos?

Pumpkin loaf

If you're wondering why there are so many cat photos recently it's because I haven't gone out in a while. Before that I was posting photos of Kyoko and her mother's cats as I was taking care of them while they were off in Japan.

The cat photos taken recently are because I'm bored and waiting for some images to render on the computers (for work). Figuring I should get outside at least a bit, I'll wonder out onto the back deck and photograph whatever is there. Usually it's Pumpkin, the cat from downstairs.


phaedrav said...

Freaky Photo with no limbs.

Anonymous said...

be careful- you may turn into a cat-daddy.


BagelHot said...

too late

Anonymous said...

Pumpkin thinks that the presence of papparazzi is "normal" in a cat's life ... and now he wants his own trailer.