Saturday, August 30, 2008

What to do in Kalamazoo?

Amanda, Michelle, Becky and Leah pack the truck

On our way to Kalamazoo, Becky's cell phone rang. It was Ivy, who had left for Kalamazoo earlier today and was there already. The text message told us to call her as something had happened. Since Becky was driving and maybe because it scares me a little when Becky multi-tasks while she drives, I called Ivy back. "The second floor of our hotel is flooded. They're evacuating everyone." Well that didn't sound good at all. "We'll be there in an hour and forty minutes." I replied.

After a few more calls, text messaging, and talking to the night desk person at the Motel 6, We discovered that a water main on the second floor broke in the EconoLodge Hotel (the place we were originally supposed to stay at). The water in turn fell through a ceiling of the first floor and hit some women. The city turned off the water and the hotel evacuated the people staying there.

The Coffee Lodge in Sarina with cakes from Chicago

Other than the switch of places to stay at the last minute, the trip went pretty smoothly. We stopped in Sarina to grab a snack and take a bathroom break (see Coffee Lodge photo). It should be noted that Becky bought an incredible slice of Peanut Butter and Chocolate cake (imported from Chicago).

On the US side of the border we stopped at some gas station and laundry mat for gas. There were posters of Apple Cider plastered all over the building. The brainwashing worked as I thought "I should buy a bottle of apple cider. It's only 99 cents.". To my surprise there was also no tax... woo woo!!! The cider was yummy!

Apple Cider, a Lansing Tradition!

Gas station and laundry mat in Lansing, MI

We received directions from Ivy to the new sleep location. The Motel 6 was located just across the street from the flooded EconoLodge. I half expected to see water coming out of windows when we passed by, but nope, nothing.

Judge Jody and Bitchslap Barbie, the motel 6 welcome committee

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