Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Murder, suicide and hot dogs on fire

Sista Fista #54U Death Track Dolls

Part two of the Death Track Dolls photo shoot was today. The theme, death. Yes, pretty morbid. Not a photo shoot that comes along everyday (at least not for me). When the gig presented itself creative flags started popping up. It would be an interesting shoot at the very least.

Turns out the shoot was quite fun. Each girl had a "death" concept ranging from being quartered, to asphyxiation to getting stabbed with a beer bottle. After hearing the way they want to "go", we would set up the lights and shoot it. The average time being about 15 minutes each. Not really a lot of time , as I would think later "Oooh, I should have done that" or "If only we had that prop". But overall I think we walked away with some pretty cool stuff and ideas.

One of my favourite photos taken was that of Monochrome (That's her derby name) getting run over by a truck. There was a truck outside (parked) and we just took a photo of her lying on the ground behind the truck (with eerie lighting to enhance the mood). Later on, someone in photoshop (maybe me) will add the blood tracks to the tires. The shoot was simple but sometimes simple gives the best results.

Fear runs rampant


Zap Brannigan said...

I'm confused by the first shot. Her imagined death was due to flaming hot dog?

Anonymous said... -- made you a feed on LJ, share with any LJ-using readers so they can add it to their flist ;)