Sunday, June 28, 2009

The other gig

The Toronto skyline from lake Ontario

12pm. rain. boo. Would Joel's annual boat cruise be a wash out?

I had made my way to the launch just as the rain started to come down. The party boat luckily had three levels. The top deck with exposure to the outside and rain, the middle deck with food and shelter and the bottom deck with the dance floor and DJ (also sheltered). By half way into the cruise all floors had music being pumped into them from the DJ.

Mary Jane ready to shoot you one way or another

Despite the rain and my exhaustion I got a bunch of great photos. People were having a great time with or without sun. Half way into the cruise the rain let up and the ship goers wandered up to the top floor to get down with their funky selves.

Mary Jane, one of the passengers, had brought a whole slew of squirt guns. Despite the rainy weather they were still being used through out the day.

"Rain? What rain?"

The boat was a rockin' from leaving the dock to sailing in. One of the last songs was "Blame it on the boogie". It was a song I had requested and forgot about while I was working. Cool.

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