Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bag Lady? We're having breakfast with a bag lady?

Last night at the Nite Owl, I overheard Diane telling Mirambo something about breakfast and a bag lady. There was loud ambient noise and music playing so I couldn't hear everything definitively. Was it an actual bag lady that we were going to meet? Does this bag lady have a name? Is this a famous well known bag lady of London? Mirambo seemed to know who this person was and then so did Becca. I figured if Diane wanted to spend time with this person she, the bag lady, must be an alright individual. Who am I to judge. Should we go out and buy her sandwiches? Diane is a pretty good judge of character and not flaky in the slightest. Ergo, the bag lady is therefore a pretty decent individual. Let's meet this bag lady friend of yours.

As it turned out, and I'm not sure if this was a let down or not of my expectations, the Bag Lady turned out to be a restaurant. A restaurant loaded with tea cups and aprons and other girly things. Also filled with knick knacks that I haven't seen since I was a kid. It kind of reminded me of something one would see at Disney world while waiting for the "It's a small world after all" ride.

Diane at the Bag Lady (N42 59.728 W81 14.441)

Toys, books, board games, records, all packed into a room of assorted tables and chairs... with floral arrangements. I was kind of surprised that the place didn't have a bunch of doilies. This was one of Diane's favourite haunts. I could see why. It's unique charm combined with a menu filled of comfort food. Yummy, tummy food. By this point I was pretty hungry.

Look at all that nostalgia on the shelf.

Diane with a potato head

Diane takes a photo

yummy peanut butter jelly.

the breakfast burrito

Diane at the counter of the Bag Lady

We saw some aprons on the wall. I'm not sure if this triggered us going to the Weezi studio. That's where we ended up. There was a collection of notepads and postcards made from recycled record album covers to 50s (if you could put a time on them) dresses. They also had purses and assorted bags. I was impressed with the hand made bag out of newspapers that was sewn together used to package your bought goods.

Diane buying goods at Weezi Studios (N42 59.355 W81 15.050)

It was while talking to the shop keeper about the previous night's Rock in the Park that we found out Amy Winehouse had died and also that there was a massacre in Norway. The shop keeper told us that she had been glued to the TV watching news. We were surprised to hear the two stories. Where were we?

A planter. It would be cool to grow lettuce in it. Then you could say "I've got a head of lettuce".

We stopped by the farmer's market (N42 59.474 W81 13.281) for food (fruit and an apple fritter). It was here that I discovered Diane's cherry sorting capabilities. She even impressed the guy working the fruit stand. I think he even offered her a job.

The freshly made apple fritters... yummy apple fritters.

The apple fritters were amazing. Like pocket sized sugary apple filled pies, loaded with apples. Move over Tim Horton's apple fritter, you've been replaced.

Diane at the beach

From there it was a trip to the beach in Port Stanley (N42 39.602 W81 13.204). I was kind of surprised to see that it was so populated. The demographic ranged from toddlers making sand castles to older people sitting on towels baking in the sun.

Diane posing at the beach

We sat on the beach taking turns going into the water. It was refreshingly cold and for such a shallow beach the waves were pretty good. Kind of reminded me of being on Ward's Island as a kid before the Leslie street spit was made. Waves came at you that were powerful enough to push you off your feet.

Diane's browning prompted us to return to her house. It's there where we watched about five hours of 'Sons of Anarchy', a FOX tv show about the life of a biker gang dealing with gun running.

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