Saturday, July 16, 2011

Trip to Kitchener Waterloo

Clint Taurus
There was a double header roller derby game in Kitchener today.  I went to see the friends I haven't seen since Montreal's Beast of the East.  In Montreal it was take some photos, snap, snap, say "Hi', more photos, snap, snap, bus back to Toronto.  Even though there was an after party somewhere in between I didn't really get to talk to anyone for any length of time.  I decided that I'd take Mean Little Mama's offer to stay at her house in Kitchener so I could stay at the after party and schmooze.

The London Lunch Ladies

Clint Taurus reffing the bout

Mirambo leaps by Perky Set

Diane launches the after party karaoke

Some guy butchering "Don't Stop Believin'"...

...gets a little derby help

"....Strangers waiting, up and down the boulevard "

"Street lights people uh oh ohhhh"

"Hold on to that feelin'...." Diane has a Journeygasm.

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