Monday, July 25, 2011

Day before lift off

Captain Hill crawls on the grass.

I worked today. It would be the only day of the week that I would work. In terms of going on vacation or going away it was bad timing job wise. The previous week had no work days scheduled and the week I got back I'd have only one day scheduled for work. So two days of work in three weeks.

It's not like I knew what the work schedule would be like when i started to plan taking time off once I figured out when Rollercon was. Just finding someone that could work in my spot was challenging enough. Toronto has been pretty busy this last year with work. At least for playback operators. I kept getting job offers while I was working. Something that's not that usual in past years.

My first thing to do once I got home was to change the hamster cage (aka The POD). While doing that I took the Hamster outside for a bit so she could crawl around in the grass and breathe in the fresh air. The following are some of the photos taken with the Fuji W3 in 2D mode.

crawling toward me and the camera...

Hears something...

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