Friday, July 08, 2011

I spent the night with Imants Krumins' friends

One of the posters floating around Hamilton

About a month ago one of the best derby fans died thanks to brain cancer (stupid cancer). Imants Krumins I would find out later that he was also a major fan of the punk rock scene. I suppose this shouldn't be a surprise as there seems to be a lot of overlap (at least with my friends). I knew Imants from the various derby games. He was usually at all of them and if he wasn't it seemed weird. He also kept track of seeing me at games. Not just Hamilton, derby in Toronto, Kitchener, London. Yep, he got around.

He was also one of the fans that actually kept stats on all the skaters. I'm not saying he pulled out a book and read you details of each jammer, from his brain he would recall derby events and recount stories of a jammer's or team's past accomplishments. Usually this would come up when I asked him how he thought a game went or who would win the game being played.

Poster at This Ain't Hollywood.

Tonight a memorial was being held at This Ain't Hollywood. Friends would come and watch bands that Imants would go to see play in the past. It was a great way for the various bands to give tribute to one of their biggest fans and friend. Money was donated to help fight brain cancer.

Friends of mine that knew Imants...






and some bands that played that night...


The Let Downs

The sign at This Ain't Hollywood

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