Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday

Warden Subway Station - on the way to my Aunt's place

Sunday. Easter. A day of seeing the family and eating food. A lot of food. Why is there always food associated with seeing family?

Here are some possible answers...
  • people like to eat and people have to eat.

  • allows relatives who don't speak to each other to be in the same room and have something in common.

  • Good way to feed the part of the family that's not doing as well financially without making it obvious. (ie. dinner then a care package to take home)

  • allows the family that can cook to be showoffs while still pleasing the rest of the family.

  • allows the family that can't cook to use remarks like "Well she's as dumb as a doorknob but she makes a great pumpkin pie!"

  • allows relatives to say "I remember you when you were that small." or "My, how you've grown" or "Wow! You're fat!"

  • a way to pawn off food that's been sitting in your fridge or cupboard nearing or past the expiry date.

  • a way to pass off food that you received but don't want to eat (ie. Christmas cake).

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