Saturday, April 15, 2006

Thank You for Smoking

The Bagel Rating System (BRS) for movies.

Today being the Saturday within the Easter weekend I didn't really do too much earth shattering stuff. The usual holiday things like puttering around the apartment, some spring cleaning, maybe some gardening, then seeing a movie with a bunch of other strangers looking for something low energy to do...

Let's rewind a bit to the spring cleaning. I'm sure I heard some gasps coming out over the internet, some of you readers might be in awe, maybe even in shock to think that I might actually be "cleaning" the apartment again. After all, it's only been a few months since the last cleaning took place.

To put those reader's minds back at ease I didn't do a whole lot of cleaning, not like the apartment cleaning of the blog of old. I went through some boxes and found some old, old, old CDs that I burnt back in the early 90s. I couldn't remember what was on them, even with the label, let alone what platform they worked on. I decided it was time to chuck them.

About 70 odd CDs later it was off to the garden. Technically I don't have a garden. Not yet anyway. Right now there's a pile of dried up dirt with clumps of grass growing from random spots in the back yard. I decided this year I would try my hand at agricultural cultivation. I have two goals. 1) to produce food, 2) to make a home for the worms.

With my landlords blessing and knowledge of what kind of soil I was dealing with I started tilling a small area with a dutch hoe I picked up at the local hardware store for only $10.00! The small patch was delibrate as I wanted to ease into this gardening thing. Worse case senario: if the plants all die I can get a garden gnome, place it in the centre of the dirt, then plant grass around it, and no one (other than you bloggers) would be the wiser.

As for the movie, I went to see "Thank you for smoking". I didn't have any expectations about the movie as I really didn't know what it was about. It's hil-ar-ious! A very well written movie where you wonder what the main character will do next. I recommend the movie to anyone who needs a good laugh. If I had a rating system I'd rate it a whole bagel.


Zee said...

This reeks of a really bad gimmick. The bagel rating system -- it's no replacement for thumb up, thumb down.

I give this system a thumbs down.

Wade Marshall said...

I disagree. I find the new bagel rating system refreshing. Industry-wide adoption is sure to follow. Thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

This rating system sucks dogs! Star Trek Nemesis was a great movie! The Remens were cool, the movie had some great action scenes and how can you not like that ending. ST-Nemisis should be a full bagel.

- Mike's friend Patrick

Zee said...

I didn't read the full bagel rating system before Pat's rant but I have to agree. The fact that you put Nemesis behind the Star Wars prequals is ridiculous. Those movies are brutal.

Who da man? Yo-da man!

BagelHot said...

The Star Wars prequels were pretty bad. The last two especially. Episode 1 had some redeeming qualities even though it had Binks and the stupid kid dialogue.
Still there were some good points to the movies and some memorable scenes which is why I gave it a quarter bagel.

As for ST: Nemesis... Yes there were some pretty cool special effects but special effects do not a movie make.

Nemesis was also the 10th movie installment into the Star Trek franchise. 10! An even numbered movie. It was supposed to be great not just good or medicore.

I thought out of all the Star Trek movies Nemesis was a movie where the writers just pulled ideas out of their ass without looking at past scripts.

Example: Picard's dune buggy. Why would he have a dune buggy? It's not like the Enterprise crew were trying to fit in with the technology that already existed on the planet. The dune buggy was a way for the producers to cut down on visual effects while at the same time write in the scene where the dune buggy shoots through the air into the shuttle. When exploring the planet why not just use a shuttle? It would make more sense in the Star Trek universe.

In "Piece of the Action" Kirk didn't know how to drive a car. How could Picard, in a universe years later, know how to drive a similar vehicle?

For that matter why was there even a planet with B4s parts on it? That seemed pretty convienent plot wise. A Forrest Gump Data is not the way I would have left the series.

Nemesis, in the end, was a really bad rewrite of Wrath of Khan and like a bad marksman, missed it's target.

ZERO bagel!