Saturday, April 08, 2006

He who controls the Spice controls the Universe

A worm making it's way up to the surface

Since my worm fascination which started a few days ago I've been doing a lot of reading. There are a lot of web sites that talk about worms. There are even sites that sell food for worms allowing the worm to live longer and alter their color to make them more appetizing as fish food. To save you some of the trouble I've documented some of the more interesting facts below...

more worm FACTS
  • The melange or the "spice", as Frank Herbert would call it, better known as worm doodie or castings is produced each day equal to the worms weight. Imagine pooping your weight each day. That's a lot of eating. I have to wonder if this fact is accurate.

  • The castings increase the amount of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous in the soil and is water soluble. Great as plant food.

  • The pin head sized poop (castings) are odorless and 100 percent organic.

  • The castings will also repel various insects.

  • Earthworms eat dying organic matter leaving the living plant life alone.

  • The tunnels created by the worms help let water and air mix with the soil.

Out of the various sites I have found the Worm Digest one of the better reads.


Anonymous said...

As an added point of trivia there have been cases of worms found in glaciers known as ice worms.

Anonymous said...

The only worm I'm interested in is the one found at the bottom of the tequila bottle.

Zee said...

I thought this post was going to be about Dune, but when I found out it was on earthworms I immediately lost interest.

Olivia Meiring said...

Mmmm earthworms!! My favourite thing about them is how they come out to mate when its all sticky muddy, get wrapped up together and cover themselves in a layer of snot and mate for hours and hours while the snot dries all crispy around them! he heh