Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ultra Spring

Spring is here at the Ultra Supper Club.

Tonight my job was to go to the Ultra Supper Lounge to shoot a spring fashion line for Juicy Stuff. Upon arrival we, the juicy stuff writer and I, noticed that there was no area assigned to the fashion show. No runway, no area, no nothing. When asking around, other photographers or other people that might be in the know, gave us the same answer "I'm not sure.", "I don't know", "What? There's a fashion show?". Clearly it was going to be an event where we would have to be on our toes to get a good vantage point to shoot from and see the models.

At around 11:00pm, maybe 11:30pm, things started happening. Some of the tables were being moved, the people rope dividers shifted, people being asked to clear an area. It wasn't until about 11:50pm that the bikini-clad models started walking out. This had to be the oddest fashion show I've shot this month.

The area cleared for the models to "pose" was a small couch with a large padded foot rest in front. The models sat down at starting posing using fake sex positions. Far from the passion whot at the Aries party a few night ago, I could see what they were trying to accomplish, but it just didn't work.

Instead of sexy bodies filled with passion I shot a clump of intertwined body parts with about as much sexiness as watching a bunch of worms in the dirt. It's hard to pinpoint where they went wrong. Perhaps it was the odd model looking off into the distance not making the connection with the other model. Maybe it was that the improvisational skills required to pose in a sexy way wasn't there. They were fashion models after all not strippers.

Perhaps that is where the show failed. To sell the swimwear with sex they hired the wrong type of people. They would have been better off doing a runway show with the models they hired. At least then the group of people and media that had been waiting for the two to four hours might have actually seen the clothing line and got a few good shots of the clothes.

In the end the show wasn't that memorable. At least not for the right reasons. At one point a glass tumbler exploded about a meter away from my head after hitting the wall behind me. A drunk girl threw the glass. In anger? trying to hit someone? not sure why. As I was sitting in the corner going through pictures I figured she wasn't aiming at me since I wasn't shooting anyone at the time. I try to make it a point to ask people in bars in crowds if they want their picture taken to avoid things like this.

The security guys were on her the instant the glass hit the wall. So quick that I didn't really make out her face. The security are the type of guys with bodies so huge they look like they have tiny heads by comparison. You wouldn't want to get on their bad side but if they're helping keep you from harm you appreciate them being around.

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