Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Holt Renfrew gets a Chanel lift

The new Chanel boutique at Holt Renfrew

In a evening of celebrities, tasty tiny hors-d'oeuvres, runway models, and other nicely dressed people of importance, the local Holt Renfrew (on Bloor west of Yonge) with Time magazine launched the opening of a brand new Chanel Boutique up on the department's second floor. As a photographer for I managed to get access to this exclusive event.

Alberta Watson notices the dress' WWII airplane bomber print

One of the great features of this event was that you could get a good look at the clothing. Unlike a fashion show where if you blinked you might miss the model on the runway, the models that featured the Chanel clothing line casually walked through the crowd of onlookers. They even stopped for closer inspection.

Holt Renfrew really knew how to cater to their guests. A viewer could look at the clothing line up close while snacking on a kobe beef burger, the diameter of a loonie or other tasty mini appetizer and wash it down with some Skyy vodka.

The style oozing rocker Fefe Dobson.

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Wade Marshall said...

Is it me, or does Fefe Dobson look like a young Michael Jackson?