Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Tired and Bleary Eyed

The chips from "Tilt". See those blue and pink markings? They were painted by hand on a few hundred chips!

Monday. The night after the Academy Awards. I was visiting Nilla and some of her friends to watch the Oscars. The Incredibles won for best animated movie. Yea! I didn't stumble home until about 2:30am. Then deciding to catch up on all my blog writting I stayed up until 4:30 - 5:00am. (see previous blog entry). As it turns out I couldn't get to sleep until 6:30am.

My alarm woke me at 6:45am. I got up and trudged through the snow to James' place to be there at 7:30am. It was a bit tough staying awake. I half slept through the car ride going to the Tilt set. The trip was only half an hour. Luckily we were only taking things off the set. There was no shooting as the last day was friday. So brain, no use. Body on automatic.

I felt like a zombie moving cables and hardware from the set to the locker room and then to the truck. By about 5pm we were finished moving all the stuff back to James' garage and started to clean and sort all the equipment. It wasn't until 7pm that we finished working. I ate two hamburgers that James had cooked, drank a glass of Coke, then left.

I wandered back home through the piles of packing snow, sliding back and forth in my running shoes. Once home I fell instantly into a comma-like state. I realize this entry is pretty short and non-descriptive but that's all I can remember of this day. That and wanting to go to sleep.

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