Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Go fish

"Harold" the Fish

For the last two days I've been spending quite a bit of time in my friend's living room helping him sort out reciepts for taxes. Yesterday I sat in the same position for 11 hours. It wasn't until my knees started to hurt that I got up to stretch and I realized how much time had gone by. I tend to sit in the lotus position even if I'm in a chair hence the sore knees. How odd is that.

Harold, the fish, kept an eye on me all day. I don't think he gets many visitors, let alone ones that stay stationary in the same position in front of his tank. Every now and then I'd hear tapping on the glass. I'd look over and Harold would be pushing around that orange golf ball with his nose. He's a pretty interactive fish as you can put your finger near the tank and slowly move it back and forth. Harold will follow you.

It must get boring for Harold to see the same view each and everyday. Harold used to have another fish of the same type until it expired. We don't know for sure. Harold might have been part of some foul play while the rest of the household was asleep. "This tank is only big enough for one of us. Bwaa haa haa haa!"

This is want happens when you do things that really doesn't interest you (like taxes). You entertain yourself with things, such as fish, that would otherwise miss your radar and go unnoticed. Btw, I really don't know what the fish's name is but it seemed like it would respond to "Harold".

The Incredibles came out today in Canada on DVD. While eating dinner I sat and watched the copy that my friend bought. A lot of extra features. There's a great little animation done ala space angel, where lips are comped over still drawings. It had the same feel as the old 67 spiderman, or rocket robin hood shows and a bunny! I don't want to give it all away but if you get a chance watch it, then watch it with the commentary.

Also new today is my lens in a cap stereoscopic addition for my camera. Basically a beam splitter that takes two images (one for your right eye, one for your left) and places them next to one another on a single frame. I'll have to go into more detail about this after more experimentation.

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