Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Do Gooder

Toronto, supposedly center of the canadian universe.

Something odd happened to me today. I went to the local variety store to pick up some orange juice and a magazine. The change I got back was about $6 too much. I didn't realize this until I got half way home. When I went back to the store and told the clerk it was like some miracle had happened. Right up there with Jesus walking on water, Moses parting the sea, and Kirk having hair in all seven Star Trek movies. The clerk and some guy reading a car magazine looked like they were bonked on the head and needed time for current events to settle in.

The clerk kept repeating "I can't believe this is happening.... especially in THIS neighborhood." My sysbrows went up at that. "Am I living in a scum filled neighborhood?" It's not like there's drive by shootings or people running out of the convenience stores with stolen goods every day or anything? Is there? The guy reading the magazine came back down to earth first and started saying "Guy, you'll probably win the lottery for being so honest." If he only knew. My luck playing the lotteries is like this. Out of 20 tickets that I have played the entire year one of them got one number. It didn't win it just got one number. Turns out I just accumulate tickets until I feel I require money, then check them all.

I suppose magazine guy was referring to karma, doing a good deed and it returning to you a thousand fold, stuff like that. I have to say I am pretty lucky when it comes to work. It seems like the last 15 years I 've managed to bounce from one job to the next without too much difficulty. Knock on wood. Winning a lottery wouldn't be too bad though.

I find it odd that something so simple can be made into such a huge deal. It's sad to think that a trait like honesty is so rare that people are bewildered and amazed by it when it occurs. I wondered if this was magnified from living in a large city where people become statistics instead of faces? I'd like to thank my parents right now for beating in the values I now have.

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