Friday, May 06, 2005

Chair for Repair

My fix-the-chair project of 2005.

Friday. I woke up today with one purpose. To fix the chair that I broke however many months ago. Being a friday and an unemployed one at that it was a pretty simple task. I got up at 11ish. I still felt tired from the grueling week before. I think I put in about 50 hours at work by the end of Wednesday, our day of delivery. Still a bit groggy from getting up too early I made my way outside toward the nearest Home Depot.

Home Depot is a hardware chain that just opened a new store in Gerrard Square. Not really a great mall in the 70s, when it opened, Gerrard Square now shows signs of neglect and the absence of medium to high income shoppers. It seems the main contingent are a bunch of seniors that sit around the food court watching the day go by. It's kind of sad. Perhaps to revitalize the mall Home Depot was introduced to replace the dying, and now gone, Sears.

On my way to the mall I tried out a new (to me) roti shop located on greenwood. The resturant was pretty busy considering there didn't seem to be any places of work or schools nearby. I kept wondering where all the people were coming from. It was friday afterall. Don't people work? Then I realized I was one of those people and shut myself up. After slowly ingesting my roti and pineapple soda I continued to make my way to the mall. It was sunny and warm. It's hard to believe just a few days ago it was hailing.

I found bright orange metal band clamps for 19.95 (yea!) and went back home to fix the chair. I brought the broken chair outside to fix. A wise idea as the glue bottle top exploded off shooting glue everywhere. Finally getting glue on the chair crack I wrapped it with the band clamp then went back inside to check my email.

Long story short. While checking my email I noticed my computer was uploading on a constant basis. After a bit of snooping I found a worm on my C drive. I erased some files. It seemed okay. Then after rebooting my C drive cecame non-existant. As a result I lost all my email and bookmarked URLs. So if you read this please send your email address.

On the plus side I've reinstalled the operating system and it seems to be zooming along. It's the first time I've installed this computer in at least three years.


Olivia Meiring said...

Do you know if it was a boot-sector virus? Did you do a low-level format or just a normal one?

uncaringbear said...

Geez, Gerrard Square was depressing and going downhill before I even lived in Toronto. I can only imagine what it's like now, but having a Home Depot open in it can't be a bad thing.

uncaringbear said...

Rotis! God, I miss those. West Indian food hasn't exactly caught on here. I would pay big $$$ to have a roti from a decent restaurant back home.