Friday, May 20, 2005

waiting on set

Sunset on the Felicity location.

I got to set around 8:30pm. It was about an hour drive from the office somewhere near Don Mills and York Mills. Upon arriving we ended up having to wait for the crew to finish shooting inside before they came out to shoot our scenes. I took the opportunity to shoot this sunset that was taking place between two buildings and through a bunch of trees.


Anonymous said...

i very much enjoyed your pics and captions.

Anonymous said...

I thought that you were going to remove that frightening bagel story so that I could read your BLOG without cringing, salivating and whining. HELP. SC

Cupcake said...

What are you working on now? I thought you had some time off?

Anonymous said...

Agree, hate the bagel story, it makes me want to beat you.
What's the Felicity location - are you working on that bad TV show now. The one with the chick with funny hair.

BagelHot said...

Felicity has nothing to do with the TV series with the girl with the "funny" hair. This show, or movie of the week, is about a girl growing up during the american revolution.

The story takes place between (1775 and 1776). I think it's based on a doll made by Mattel.