Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Freezer contents as of May 17, 2005

Carrying on the freezer tradition since May 2005, I have decided to participate in the open door policy of having the public know just what the heck is in my freezer. I have not moved or changed anything in anyway. The stuff that's in my freezer was in there, and I didn't take anything out. It's lucky, earlier today was garbage day pickup. Otherwise you might have seen a mighty morphin chunk of broccoli and a can of grease leftovers.

Contents by the numbers (with apologies to vegetarians everywhere)
1. Chicken legs - yet to be cooked.

2. Some unidentified meat substance. Might have been a stew. Either that or the Thing, an alien from outer space that kills humans by mimicing then eating them. Which would explain why it's frozen and in two seperate containers. This way it can't become one again.

3. An ice tray... with ice in it!

4. Chicken thighs.

5. Frozen peas, carrots, and corn.

6. Ice cream. Not yet opened. Maple Walnut flavor.

7. Ground Turkey

8. Ice cube trays... all empty. It seems my refridgerator has a thing built in to keep moisture out. This is why there are so many ice cube trays. I put water in them at different times and hopefully when I need ice one will have ice in it.

9. Garlic steams.

10. Beef chunks for stew or stir fry.

11. Sausages - spicy

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Wade Marshall said...

I'm surprised there wasn't a Commodore 64 acoustic modem in there.

Cupcake said...

For some reason I thought you'd have more stuff in your freezer...but what are garlic steams?

BagelHot said...

the "Garlic steams" look like those long thin onions, only a lot longer. But smell and taste like strong garlic. I originally got them from a friend in a large plastic bag, which he got from visiting his mother. To be honest I have no idea what they are.

BagelHot said...

In terms of freezer stock. I haven't had a change to stuff more stuff into the freezer as I'm still trying to recover from working those six weeks. That was almost two weeks ago.