Saturday, August 20, 2005

The 3tards

Andrew (guitar) and John (lead singer in a chicken suit) of the 3tards play in front of crazy fans

7pm. A punk show playing at the Kathedral on Queen street (aka the big bop) showcased a band called the 3Tards. Let's rewind for a moment. Last week, while walking down queen street I bumped into John and Andrew posting flyers for the show on telephone poles. They recognized me from the night shooting the Threat which was quite a while ago. Either they had a really good memory or the fact that I had my D70 glued to my hand gave me away. In any case I got invited to shoot them.

Fast forward to today. After getting in with my free pass, photographers really don't get any money but they do get invited to a lot of things, I sussed out the place. Dark, stage in corner, bar in other corner. They wouldn't play until 11pm so I decided to go up to Bloor to see if anyone showed up at the Regenesis party. Regenesis is a show that I've been working on for the past few weeks The cast and crew were throwing a small get together to get to know each other outside of work.

After smoozing a bit I left the party at 9:45 and proceeded back down to queen street. The place was jammed with people comprising of mainly kids from high school, sprinkled with some adult like people. Most of them dressed in some sort of punk wear. Once the 3Tards got on stage the fans went wild. Jumping into the mosh pit, climbing on stage, and a lot of shoving. It's a standard thing to do. They band even let the odd fan sing the lyrics into the mic every now and then.

The band only sung for about an hour. It seemed to go by pretty quickly. Although John in the chicken probably thought it was eternal with the chicken suit on. Judging by the fan reaction alone, the band was a huge success.

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