Saturday, August 20, 2005

Photoshoot for who?

Ian Mah - Director, Producer... photo stand in?

Today I woke up at around 15:15. Realizing it was friday I remembered that I promised to do a photoshoot of the makeup artist that I didn't shoot saturday. We'll call her Margo. Margo did not get her head shot taken on the account that she couldn't make it. She said she was sick. The excuse seemed a bit lame as she called me only 2 hours before the actual shoot (see previous post) but "Shit happens" so they say. Ian required some photos so I told her I'd be happy to shoot her at Ian's place as long as it was alright with Ian. Also at this point I decided that as long as I'm shooting anyway I could kill two birds with one stone.

After running a few errands I packed up and lugged the studio gear over to Ian's place. Did I say it was raining? Well it was. Water and lots of it. I stepped outside to walk to the transit and within the first 15 seconds I was drenched to the bone. My trip to the TTC station was cut short as I saw a taxi heading toward me through the rain. Upon stopping in the middle of the street with other cars honking and an unhappy cyclist riding by I threw the soggy photo gear into the trunk. Well the bags were drenched but luckily I put all the gear in the bags in ziplock bags (there's a commercial here somewhere).

By the time I arrived at Ian's, the taxi driver missed the street and instead of me paying him to turn around I paid him and got out, I was drenched dripping a small river behind me through the front lobby. Ian had a towel and a "" tshirt handy. After getting into the dry change of clothes I unpacked and began to set up the gear.

Six o'clock, seven o'clock, eight o'clock. While waiting for the makeup artist to show I used Ian as a lighting subject and take his photos. Strike two. Margo never did show. I even talked to her at 4pm to make sure she knew how to get there. On the up side we got a bunch of photos done for Ian and I got a dinner out of it... so yea for me.

The drive home was odd. Yes I took a cab. We passed by a fire hydrant that had been torn out of the street. I'm not sure why. If it was from getting hit by a car, the car was gone. Water was just spewing out of the hole in the street. Although, unlike in the movies, the water was only going as high as one's waist. I thought about taking the camera out to shoot it but decided against it as it disappeared from view.

Shortly after I saw a police car blocking traffic to the don valley. Then, we noticed a bunch of people on the bridge over the Don Valley looking down. I'm guessing at some kind of accident. The driver asked if I wanted to know what was going on. Not on my dime. Geez. Sure let's just stop in the middle of the street, block the traffic that IS moving, and run out of the car while the meter is running.

I suppose I was in a bad mood. My tolerance for idiots was wearing a little thin. We continued along Gerrard and saw the street at Carlaw had been blocked off by several police cars. I told the driver to stop gawking and make our way down to Dundas. Eventually I did make it home. Tired with a headache I dropped into bed.


Cupcake said...

Who is doing who a favour? I say put an end to her taking advantage of the situation. Next time she calls to set up another meeting, just tell her the past two experiences have taught you that it's not worth your time and effort. And if she tries to put on the charm, don't fall for it. She's basically inconsiderate and self-aborbed by the sounds of things, because it's obvious she's not thinking about your time and effort in helping her out.

Anonymous said...

I second Cupcake !!!!

Anna Pet said...

sounds like a case of just being too darn nice...well it was an experience right? Cupcake I agree with you...this girl doesn't deserve a second chance.

Zee said...

Is Margo hot? Then I can understand you putting up with it. Hot women = incredible effort by Derek.

BagelHot said...

I don't know if the girl is attractive. I've only talked to her on the phone. Sadly Zee is right. I tend to be more patient with girls I find attractive.

uncaringbear said...

Of course - if she's a good looking specimen, it'd be natural to be forgiving to her even if her respect for you is about the same as that of a dead slug. Unfortunately, attractive people have to be handled with extra care as they ultimate power over us ugly people. Don't piss them off, or they'll squash you.