Saturday, April 22, 2006

The cat came back

Mimi, the Lopez family cat

Today's job got me outside of the apartment to go and shoot some candid family photos. After shooting the people I hunted down the family pet, a cat named Mimi. Cats are incredibly difficult to shoot while moving around a dim house. Mimi was no exception. After crawling around on my hands and knees chasing after the cat I gave up and started packing away my camera gear.

It was only after packing my camera, the last thing to be packed, that the cat ran up to my leg and started purring. Sheesh.

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Anonymous said...

Cats are fickle to the very bone of their existance. The fact that you get so many great pictures of those feline wagamamas is just astounding to me. "Wagamama" is the Japanese term for selfish, self-centred, "it's all about me" type of personalities...I did not make this up.