Friday, April 14, 2006

The Easter Friday Move

Marc's Apartment located right next to the TTC station.

6:50am - Woke up about three hours after getting into bed from getting home from the Ultra club. I had to be up early in order to get to Marc's place by 8:00am, to get to Zee's sister in laws (the storage house) by 9:00am so we could help them move into their new home.

7:15am - leave my apartment.

7:30am - I manage to catch the bus and subway without waiting. I'm half an hour early. I decide to wonder around Marc's neighborhood and do some shooting. It's damp and cold.

Michelle arrives.

8:00am - dial in Marc's buzzer code. He's awake! Comes downstairs to get car and wait for Michelle.

8:11am - Michelle shows up. We drive off to the sister in-law's.

8:30am - We're arrive early. Decide to go to Tim Horton's for coffee. I get a toasted bagel with cream chesse.

9:00am - arrive at the sister in-laws. Start packing truck.

It's drizzling rain on the way to the new house

9:33am - Truck is loaded. We form a small convoy on the way to the new house.

The house

9:50am - We arrive at the new house. The neighborhood is still under construction. It's muddy and wet but at least the rain has turned more into a mist.

Juley takes command telling us what goes where.

9:55am - we check on the kid and start the move of stuff into the house.

Wade and Marc start moving stuff from the truck.

The "Kid", Michaela gets some Zzzzs.

Tired baby with Michelle

Happy baby being tickled by auntie.

11:43am - we finish moving stuff in and entertaining the Kid. We drive back to the sister in-laws for lunch.

Happy family in new home.

3:20pm - We get kicked out.

4:00pm - Nancy, Marc, Michelle and I see V for Vendetta at the Varisity theatres downtown.


Zee said...

This marks a highlite for the blog. Good work and thanks for the help!

Wade Marshall said...

I'm in your blog....Ashley's in your blog.....are you blind, bagelhot? The natural progression is to do a photoshoot of me and Ashley together......jello wrestling, perhaps?