Sunday, April 23, 2006

Cat People

Nigel Fluffypants aka Droolio looks at me with distain.

On my way home, on the bus, I overheard a couple talking about the bad side effects of asbestos and other wonder technology that doesn't get tested enough before entering the market. In the mist of the doom and gloom chit chat I realized I knew one of the voices. It was Orbis, a guy that I met at my birthday movie "Serenity" back in September of last year. I joined in on the conversation. Here are the hilights (true or not they make good points).

  • deet used to repel mosquitoes melts plastic.

  • thanks to vegetarians, big business, and the invention of cloned meat, cows and other farm animals that require lots of land, food, and resources will go extinct.

  • asbestos with fire, good. Asbestos with people, bad.

  • bananas will be extinct in 10 years unless a new replicating seed strain is found.

  • corn that we eat today are hybrid versions of corn smaller than your palm

  • orange carrot flavored cauliflower is tasty.

  • wonder drugs come on the market way too fast without enough testing.

  • pharmaceutical companies are generally evil.

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a great TV show!

Kate and Orbis invited me over to continue our chat. It was at their home that I was introduced to Nigel, the cat with the "Fat Head". Nigel looked like his head was big due to the rest of his body was shaved.

Nigel using cat will power to get human (any human) to open door.

I realize that this is the second blog entry in a row to feature a cat but how can you say "no" to these big eyed fuzzy animals?

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