Tuesday, August 15, 2006

President 1 Prime Minister 0

Bill Clinton addresses the Press at the AIDS conference in Toronto

Today due to odd circumstances I found myself covering part of the AIDs conference here in Toronto. The assignment being to photograph the past president Bill Clinton. I have to say that this guy has charisma oozing out all over. Even if Clinton wasn't running, how the heck did a dim wit like Bush ever get elected after having someone so articulate in office? (oh yeah the Florida voting scam) Just from the small talk at the conference Clinton is someone I'd jump out and take a bullet for... and he's not even Canadian (or a part of the original Star Trek cast).

Not that I would have had to, he was surrounded by the secret service guys. Which brings me to ask these questions, I noticed that all the secret service vehicles parked outside were black, Do they get a discount on them or something? Why not some other color? Pavement gray? Or even matte black for that matter?

The Press swarm President Clinton with questions

On the way out to the street (and the SS cars) Bill was greeted by a number of people on the street. He stopped to wave and shake various people's hands and before he disappeared into the line of black cars people cheered and applauded. Whether it was for his commitment to finding a solution for AIDs or because he's not Bush who knows?

As for our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, he didn't show up due to "prior engagements" up North. Boo. Geez, not even a video greeting.

An attendee at the AIDs conference

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Anonymous said...

On the topic of "taking a bullet", there you have many friends that would take one for you (even if we are still laughing at the "not Canadian or even a Star Trek original cast member" comment), ahem...really we love you Bagelhot. You're a good guy albeit somewhat misguided at times.