Thursday, August 17, 2006

ROM Life Cover

Emmanuel with his copy of ROM Life

For lunch I met up with Emmanuel at our favorite meetup restaurant, the Stem. Located on Queen street just east of Spadina, the Stem is an old fashioned place where you can get the basics. Eggs, toast, BLT, soup, V8, coffee, tea. Reasonably priced it also has a great seat in the front where you can watch people walking by through a large glass window.

The issue of ROM Life that Emmanuel is holding contains courses that you can take at the Royal Ontario Museum. A few of which are ones that Emmanuel holds. More importantly though, this issue is special in that Emmanuel designed and produced the artwork for the cover. Bright colors, happy sketches of people, these are some of the characteristics of Emmanuel's work.

A piece of toast

I have no idea why. It's possible I was craving toast or just liked the orange almost glow to the toast (yes maybe I was hungry). So I took the picture seen above.

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