Thursday, August 10, 2006

WakeStock Street Festival

Mike Wilkinson gets air

To help launch the whole Wakestock weekend experience there was a street festival put on by the organizers. John street was shut off to traffic. A large ramp was put in place for trick cycling and skateboarding. An area fenced off to contain beer drinkers. There was even a mini stage to showcase motorcross motorcycles and later on feature two REEF girls for autographs.

There was a DJ playing tunes on one side of the street. There were bud light girls and Hooters girls floating around the street as well. With all the stunts, women, and people it made for an interesting visual experience. A lot of these pictures managed to make their way on to

Chaz Gavin performs gravity defying bike stunts on the street

Chantal and Jessica, some of the Hooters girls happy to serve you


The REEF girls sign autographs

Bud Light girls Carolyn Horbacryk and Meg Kerr


Anonymous said...

Boobies & bikes & Bud Light, oh my!

Anonymous said...

Bagelhot it seemed like you were getting into a slump with regards to shooting the fairer sex. Nice to see you out and about.
On a side note, I did like the photos you shot on your day of boredom.